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How to Restore the Peace

Have you ever had a pet that keeps howling at night? If the answer is yes, then the article is for you. We will try to give you some steps that you can take to keep your pet quiet during the night so let you can get a good night’s sleep.

1. Find Out What the Problem Is

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what the problem is. Usually, if the dog has been very well behaved in past evenings, there will be an obvious reason for him to be whiny all of a sudden. So in order for you to get your peace back, you have to figure out what is causing your puppy to become noisy at night.

2. Remove the Cause of the Anxiety

For example, there could be rats inside the house that the dog may find bothersome. Or maybe he just wants to get your attention in the middle of the night. If this happens, all you have to do is remove the cause of his anxiety.

3. Don’t Pay Him Any Attention

Always remember that your dog has heightened senses, so he detects things stronger than you do. If you’re moving the cause of the problem does not work, especially in cases where he just wants your attention, it would be best to let him just cry it out until he gets tired of it. This will teach him that you will not be swayed by his antics.

4. Move Your Pet Away From the Neighbors

One big problem that can arise from a crying dog at night is very annoyed neighbors. If you don’t address the problem quickly, people might start complaining. If this happens, you may have to take some drastic measures in order to stop your dog from barking at night. However, we do not recommend punishing the dog for his behavior. What you should initially try to do is to make sure he stays in an enclosed space where sounds could be reduced by the walls. If he spends his time mostly in the garden you can use wireless dog fence to keep the distance.

5. Use Correction Markers

Another thing that you can do if this does not work is to have a correction marker. Usually, a bell would work or a high pitched whistle that humans cant hear so you don’t annoy the neighbors, to remind your pet that his behavior is not acceptable. You can use the bell whenever he is making annoying noises at night. It will remind him to keep quiet and be a deterrent if the marker makes a suitably distasteful noise.

6. Take Away Certain Privileges

In addition, depriving him of certain privileges may also work. It will make him realize that his master is not happy when he behaves a certain way. You can be forceful but never violent.

Additional Reminders

Regular training is required here. You have to be consistent with what you want to do with your dog, so they learn a routine and know what is expected. Eventually, he will learn that certain behaviors are not acceptable. You just have to be firm in your resolve to not let him get any attention or his own way by barking at night.

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