Chihuahua Rescue And Information About The Breed

The Chihuahua breed of dog has become the poster dog for celebrities. The small size of this breed allows it to be carried around in purses and makes for an adorable companion.

Because so many have seen pictures of celebrities with the Chihuahua, it became the popular choice for many who then decided they couldn’t take care of their dog, and Chihuahua rescue organizations have had to step in to assist with caring for these dogs.

The Chihuahua has been a recognized member of the American Kennel Club since 1905. The dog was originally bred in Chihuahua Mexico, from which it gets its name. The tiny dog gets to be about 2-6 pounds and is only around 6-9 inches tall. The coat can be either long or short and the color combinations can vary greatly.

As a family pet they can be somewhat jealous. They sometimes focus all of their attention on one person and don’t like to share that person with anyone else. They got famous because of their character – they are not too calm and peaceful. They are often not a good pet for small children as they are a tiny dog and children can play extremely rough and hurt them. They do best with adults but they also like to be with other Chihuahua’s but can sometimes not enjoying other pets in the family.

It is important whenever getting a dog to know what type of temperament they may have due to their breed, As with any breed, Chihuahua’s may not be the best choice for everyone, because of this Chihuahua rescue centers have formed to help take in these pets and find them new homes.

What Are Chihuahua Rescue Centers And How To Find Them

After learning about Chihuahuas, it seems as though this would be the right breed for you, you might consider visiting a Chihuahua rescue center. These can be found by asking at local animal shelters or even checking on-line.

A Chihuahua rescue center will generally want to know a lot about you. Their primary intent is to make sure a special dog doesn’t end up back at a shelter because they have been mismatched with a person.

A Chihuahua rescue center will allow you to visit with their dogs and maybe even have the dog come and stay with you to see how they get along with other pets. A Chihuahua rescue center will want to make sure that you are committed to the dog and helping it. Some dogs that are found at Chihuauhua rescue centers have been abused or neglected and need not only love but also serious attention.

If you’re considering getting a dog, check into Chihuahua rescue centers to find a special new friend to join your family.

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